Get rid of the problem, not your old bathtub!


Do you really think of throwing out your old bathtub and replacing it with a new one? We can understand you perfectly well! Who’d like to take a bath in a bathtub covered with stains of rust and spots from household chemicals, spoiled with small cracks and chipped by heavy objects?!

However, there is really no need in throwing out a bathtub to get rid of all these effects caused by its intensive use. You can benefit much more from a special procedure of old coatings restoration that is known as enamel and porcelain bathtub reglazing! Our company guarantees that you will not recognize your old bathtub after we work on it!

The purpose of the procedure is quick and effective renovation of different types of coatings right on the spot. With its help it is possible to even bathtub surface, remove all minor defects, return its original shine and refresh colors. During refinishing process we remove old coating, fix chips and scratches, treat surface with primer and then apply new coating. Your new bathtub is ready!

Refinishing can be applied to various surfaces, including porcelain and enamel. Although these are the most popular types of works, acrylic bathtub refinishing has gained popularity lately. Our experience, profound knowledge of our family business and ongoing search for new solutions that will be adequate to contemporary realities allow us to develop new technologies of bathtubs resurfacing. That’s why we can offer fiberglass bathtub resurfacing as well as cultured marble refinishing.

Are you still sure it’s better to buy a new bathtub? If you have some doubts about what way is more suitable for you let us enumerate all advantages of bathtub refinishing.

Advantages of bathtub refinishing

  • You don’t need to remove bathtub or any other thing from your bathroom;
  • Any dirt or mess are ruled out due to thorough protection and masking;
  • You will get your renovated bathtub quicker than you will find, buy and bring new one;
  • Cost of bathtub reglazing is much lower than cost of new bathroom equipment;
  • Perfect result is guaranteed: smooth, sparkling, plane surface of any color you choose;
  • New coating will serve you for years and can be processed once again any time you want a «new» bathtub.

Refinishingnyc, Inc is a family business keeping traditions of quality for more than ten years. We really know how to give second life to your old bathtub!


Just get in touch with us to get rid of the problem!


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