Bathtub refinishing: let’s compare!

«It’s a shame to have such an ugly bathtub!» - that’s what you think looking at your old bathroom equipment, darkened from time, covered with rust spots and chips. Is there any chance to see it sparkling with glaze coat and striking white again?

Bathtub reglazing - that is the answer! There are only few ways of renovation that are alternative to purchasing a new bathtub:

  • to install an acrylic liner in your old bathtub;
  • to resort tobathtub refinishing.

But which way of restoration to choose? To answer this question you need to know all the pros and cons of both types of bathtub restoration, to compare their cost, service life and other criteria. Thus what are the advantages of reglazing process?

  • This is the cheapest way of bathtub remodeling (compared both with acrylic liner mounting and buying a new bathtub).
  • It does not require old bath equipment disassembling.
  • Refinishing doesn’t require complete renovation of a bathroom either (and it is very likely when you choose an acrylic liner - say «Good bye!» to your bathroom tile).
  • Reglazing process takes only 3-4 hours and you will be able to use your bathroom in 24 hours. It is really fast, isn’t it?
  • You can choose any shade of enamel - there is much space for creative ideas!
  • Reglazing is available for bathtubs of any size and shape while size and shape of acrylic liners are rather limited.
  • If properly cared new enamel surface will serve you up to 5 years and the process may be repeated after that time.

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1. We start with your old bath tub.

Step 1

3. Strip old coating away.

Step 3

5. Wipe with Acetone.

step 5

7. Begin to protect surroundings with masking tape.

step 7

9. Apply a stop-rusting primer.

step 9

11. Once the tub is done, your reglazed bathtub needs to dry off for 10 hours.

step 11

2. Applying paint remover to dissolve old enamel.

Step 2

4. Bathtub is cleaned from remnants of old coating.

Step 4

6. Fix any scratches and rust with special filler.

step 6

8. Finish masking and sand the fillers.

step 8

10. Spray whole tub with primer.

step 10

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